Lynn Zhang, CPA, CFP

Integrated Financial Planner

For many business owners, Lynn is a Family CFO. Connecting generations and cultures through personal experience with corporate finance, business owner and family financial planning, and estate planning, Lynn is an expert at navigating the complex waters of multi-layered financial needs.

With more than 15 years of financial management and entrepreneurial experience, she has developed a deep understanding of her clients’ desires and goals and a unique perspective that connects financial approaches of business and life. She is an advocate for strategic succession planning and focusing on the “bigger” picture of multi-generational family wealth. Lynn is a Certified Financial Planner in Canada who can serve you in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese.


Duncan Robinson

Generational Financial Specialist

Duncan Robinson is a third-generation specialist who specializes in generational wealth transfer and legacy building. Building on the knowledge of his father and grandfather, he forged an entirely new career path by utilizing modern wealth theory and solutions. He rose to prominence in the insurance industry by serving as the exclusive advisor to a select handful of ultra-high net worth families.

He also is a highly driven triathlete, motivational speaker and industry influencer who has written two books on the importance of planning and believes that life is perfectly imperfect and that’s the perfection of it.


Halley Georgas

Investment Advisor

Halley has over 20 years of experience helping clients realize their goals in all stages of life. She is dedicated to providing comprehensive wealth planning advice that will allow her clients to achieve their long-term goals.

Halley’s wealth building philosophy is to critically balance protecting your downside and maximizing your upside potential. What makes Halley different is her tireless effort to remain current with fast paced and evolving financial markets and being first to proactively communicate and simplify these challenges and opportunities for you. You can rely on her commitment to a process that is proven to generate the highest after-tax returns and keep you consistently on plan.


Terry Dusmann

Securities Specialist

Terry’s seen the securities world from many different perspectives. He started 25 years ago in the securities industry. The industry quickly grew on him and became a passion. His experience includes serving as an investment advisor, an insurance agent, and an associate advisor at three different firms.

Terry loves the exciting unpredictability of the securities industry. He enjoys educating and advising clients on how to mitigate risks by executing disciplined strategies that keep emotion out of the equation. He focuses his energy on providing valuable advice to his partners and clients that makes an impact beyond the bottom line.

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